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Dear travelers!

Besides the excursion programs in St. Petersburg, Moscow and other Russian regions we also offer you different additional services such as:

  1. Hotels. At your wish we can book a hotel room for you almost in any place in the world. Here you can write your preferences: the country and city you are going to visit, the dates of your trip, and the desired level of the hotel (hostel, apartment, studio, pension, 3***, 4***, 5*** star hotel etc), and we will form an individual offer for you. Please, pay attention at the possible variations of the hotels in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

  2. Plane tickets. If you use our services to book a hotel, we can also book plane tickets for you. It’s possible for all the destinations and any airlines desired. Would you please fill in the blank here, andwe will offer you several variants of the flights with their prices, among those you can choose the one that suits you best. Obviously we also offer you the flights to Russia as a set with our tour programs. We can also book railway and bus tickets for you.

  3. Transfers. If you are going to St. Petersburg or Moscow for a business trip, to visit friends or to participate in some kind of event and don’t need any tours but only want to be picked up at the airport and brought to the hotel, you can book our service “Transfer”. You can find the blank to be filled in and all the prices here.

  4. Insurance. If you want to make your trip safe, you could apply to us for the insurance of different kinds – then if anything goes wrong before or during your tour you will at least not lose all the money you spent. The variants of the insurance, prices and blanks can be found here.

  5. Russian Visas. If you are not the citizen of Russian Federation, Argentina or Israel, you need visa to enter the territory of Russia. We can issue it for those who live in Berlin, otherwise we will send you an invitation letter that you will need to bring to the local Russian Consulate and apply for visa by yourself. The situation is different for those tourists who come to St. Petersburg on the cruise ships on which they stay. They are allowed to be on the territory of Russia without visa, but with a special tour ticket and accompanied with a local guide. We can issue such a tour ticket for you upon condition that you buy our tour program. You can fill in the blank for visa here.

  6. Theatre. If during your trip in St. Petersburg and Moscow you would like to attend some theatre or circus performance or a concert, we can organize it for you. Please write your wishes here and we will provide you with the theatre program for the time period of your choice.