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Have you got very inquisitive children, who want to know everything about every single thing in the world?  Do you dream of tearing your kids away from the computer and showing them how interesting the real world is? Are you a teacher, or the headmaster of a school, who wants to reinforce the knowledge the pupils got from their books with living examples? Then this section could be interesting for you. We offer you two tours – one for children (6-11 years old) and one for teenagers (12-17 years old). The first tour is very simple and entertaining. It is organized in a form easy for children to appreciate. The second one is more intense and, though the information is also given in the simplified form adapted for young ones, it has a more obviously educational function.

St. Petersburg for young bright sparks

Young travelers will see real knightly armor and ancient Egyptian mummies in the Hermitage Museum; in “Peterhof” they will be able to bathe in the joke fountain and have a look at the bicycles ridden by the tsar’s children around the “Peterhof” park. They will not only look at the animals in the Zoo and in the Oceanarium, but they will also find out how the animals should be looked after. They will get acquainted with the collection of rarities and oddities of the Russian Tsar Peter I in the Chamber of Curiosities; they will slither down the water slides in St. Petersburg Aqua Park; they will have a glimpse of the city from the colonnade of St. Isaac’s Cathedral. This trip will definitely remain in their memories for a long time.


St. Petersburg for the most inquisitive ones

How was St. Petersburg founded? Why is a museum annually visited by two and a half million people named “the place of solitude”? How did people travel in the 18th century? What is the difference between a 19th century school and a modern one?  Where has the Ember room disappeared to? What were the Russian tsars Alexander II and Paul I assassinated for? What plants grow in the tropics? How could a blank shot start the revolution? Why do people call St. Petersburg the “Venice of the North”? What is unique about the “Peterhof” fountains? These and many other questions will be answered during this exciting tour.