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Dear visitors to our homepage!

We are glad to welcome you to the website of “Ekaterina-Voyage” tour-company, named after the Russian Empress Ekaterina II, and we invite you to join us for series of fascinating trips around Russia!

Cruise ship Princess in St. Petersburg. Photographer Rene Lagler

Stately St. Petersburg will open before your eyes. Let us introduce you to the “Venice of the North”: the city of 65 rivers and canals and 350 bridges, of numerous palaces, monuments and museums; the home of great Russian authors and composers – Pushkin’s and Dostoyevsky’s, Tchaikovsky’s and Rakhmaninov’s creative work; the hero-city that withstood incredible hardships during the Second World War; the city where every stone could tell you a story.

You can also make your way to Moscow: the capital of Russia; its political and economic center; the city of ancient monasteries and super modern business centers, golden-domed churches and magnificent theatres.

In our programs you will also find an option to visit such ancient Russian towns as Old Ladoga – the first historical capital of Russia - and Great Novgorod – the place where Russian democracy originated.

The Winter Palace and Red Square, the Kremlins of Moscow and Great Novgorog, the Bolshoi and  Marrinsky theatres, the Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the fountains of Peterhof and the Amber room of Catherine palace –acquaintance with all these and many other cultural treasures you can experience while travelling with us around Russia.

You may travel by yourselves or be accompanied by our tour guides who will be glad to share their knowledge with you using the language convenient for you,

You may travel alone, together with your family and friends, or in a group of colleagues. The more people who unite to go on a journey with “Ekaterina-Voyage”, the cheaper each ticket will be for every traveler.

We hope that you will not only be interested by our general tours but also our pilgrim and thematic ones.

Would you please pay attention to our prices.

We know and love Russia. We are able to show you all the variety of its wonderful cultural and historical memorials.

Travel with “Ekaterina-Voyage”! Unforgettable impressions lie ahead of you.