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The major priorities of our activity

Dear visitors to the home-page of “Ekaterina-Voyage” tour company!

For 12 years we and our companions have been working in the field of tourism as tour guides, tour leaders, lecturers and organizers of different events and tours. In the course of these years we have amassed a wealth of experience that has allowed us to team up and to found our own tour company “Ekaterina-Voyage” on the 1st of April 2012.

We are still young and not very well-known yet. What makes us so optimistic is the fact that we know you will prefer our services over those of our more well-known colleagues. Why? Because of the following 9 points:

We are not tourist agents.

We do not offer you tours organized by somebody else. We sell only our own trips and consequently are responsible for our offers. So when you buy our package you purchase a contract with us, the trip organizer, directly.

Well experienced professionals will work with you.

In each tour destination we cooperate with teams of highly qualified tour guides, tour drivers and other professionals in the tourism field. We offer you only top grade restaurants and hotels, no matter what class you prefer.

We offer you:

  • Reasonable and transparent prices;

We hope that our prices will please you, not only because they are lower than those of many of our competitors, but also because we follow a policy of earnest and transparent prices. The cost of the tour that you see on our home-page is final, fixed and clarified. Before you buy the tour you know exactly what you are purchasing -- what is included and not included in the tour. There will be NO unpleasant surprises with extra charges.

  • Tour programs for all the tastes in four languages;

Our web page directs you to a variety of tour programs in four languages – English, Russian, German and Spanish. Among our offers there are not only general tours but also specialized ones, such as pilgrim tours, tours for children and students and special trips organized around certain topics (“St. Petersburg – the cultural capital of Russia”, “The history of Russia”, “Green St. Petersburg” etc).

  • Flexible tours;

With our company you can not only buy the “package” excursions – those with a fixed program - but also build your own tour. You have the opportunity to choose the cities you wish to visit, hotels according to the class that you prefer, the length of your trip and also excursions, using the options that you can find in our “list of separate tours” as extra “building blocks”.

  • Programs with rare sights;

Besides the more well-known museums, you can find many less familiar ones in the excursions that we offer. These may not be very famous tourist objectives but they are also very interesting and they will give you an opportunity to see the country or the city that you are visiting from another angle.

  • Additional services.

Besides organizing tours and booking hotels and restaurants we also offer you some additional services such as airport-hotel-airport transfers, booking plane tickets, obtaining visas and various other services.

Our name origin

Our tour company is named after the Prussian princess Sophie Friederike Auguste von Anhalt-Zerbst-Dornburg who became Russian Empress Catherine II (in Russian – Ekaterina), also known as Catherine the Great.We chose this name because it seems to us deeply symbolic for a European tour company mostly focused on cooperation with Russia and also because we while living and working in Germany, have Russian roots. We are from St. Petersburg– the city of the brilliant heyday of Ekaterina’s reign.

Catherine's rule (1762 – 1796) re-vitalized Russia, which grew larger and stronger than ever and became recognized as one of the great powers of Europe. The period of her reign is often considered the Golden Age of the Russian Empire.

We think that this Western European princess on the Russian throne can be seen as a symbol of international political, economic, social and cultural integration. In a certain sense, while supporting Russian education, culture and art, Ekaterina II formed a favorable environment for the development of tourism in the 19th century.

A woman and a foreigner who for 34 years reigned successfully in the patriarchal Russian society; a German girl who had been brought up in the European tradition but later managed to assimilate herself into the world of Russian culture and language? a very strange world for a European person of that time - Ekaterina overcame prejudice and broke stereotypes.

Tourism is by definition an activity which tends to broaden the horizons and change the perceptions. After visiting a country which had seemed odd and alien before, a person can form his or her own opinion about its people, culture, customs and traditions. And this viewpoint will be based not on things read in the newspapers or heard on the TV, but on his or her own personal experience. This is another reason for us to consider the name of Ekaterina II deeply symbolic for a tour company.

So we invite you to travel with “Ekaterina-Voyage”. The aim of our company is to open up to you, from an unexpected angle, the cities and towns we love. Maybe you will fall in love with them as well.

We are looking forward to our mutually beneficial cooperaratin!


With warmest regards,


Ekaterina Garkun-Krakhmalova,

Head of the tour company “Ekaterina-Voyage”

and the team.