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St. Petersburg - Introduction

Five days in the city, three days of excursions – the time period is not long, however, it is enough to form a first impression of St. Petersburg.  You will drive along the city streets and get acquainted with St. Petersburg’s most famous sights – the Hermitage Museum, the Yusupov Palace, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, imperial suburban residences. Five days is a short time but it is sufficient to fall in love with St. Petersburg and develop a desire to come here again.

St. Petersburg at a Leisurely Pace

Do you dislike fuss and rush? Do you prefer to travel serenely and leisurely? Do you get tired rather quickly? Then this tour suits you well. Accompanied by your tour guide you will walk sedately through the museum halls, along the city streets and park alleys. You may not see as much but you will get a feel for everything and remember the things you saw much better.

St. Petersburg and Moskow - Two Capitals of Russia

The elder sister and the younger brother are the eternal friends and eternal competitors. Moscow is both ancient and ultra-modern, both a gold-domed and a business city, full of colors and noise. St. Petersburg is classical and austere, rather young but nevertheless has already experienced incredible hardships and sorrows, the city that was created as a European one but became the most famous city of Russia, the city on rivers and canals, the city on marshes. Those who love Moscow are seldom in love with St. Petersburg, and vice versa. However, the absence of love does not necessarily mean the absence of esteem and even admiration. Would you come to Russia, compare the two capitals and make your own choice?

Moskow - Introduction

It is next to impossible to see all of Moscow, with its ten million people, hundreds of museums, churches and monuments, in just six or five days. This time period is enough only to touch all this beauty, to have a glance, to say your first: “Hello!” Red Square and the Moscow Kremlin, the Tretyakov Gallery, Pushkin Art Museum and the wonderful Holy Trinity Monastery of St. Sergius – the most outstanding Moscow sights will open before your eyes. To get to know the city better you will need to come here again.

Moscow at a Leisurely Pace

Moscow is a huge “ant-hill” where everybody is constantly running as all the people are always late for some appointment. People have no time to look around and notice the beauty of the nature and architecture surrounding them. However you can become a pleasant exception from this tendency and walk along the Moscow streets without rush, leisurely looking at the centuries-old buildings, paying attention to every museum exhibit. You may not see as much but you will get a feel for everything and remember the things you saw much better.

St. Petersburg. Minimal Package Tour

Are you going on a business trip to St. Petersburg or participating in a conference there? Do you have very little time but really want to at least catch a glimpse of the city? Then this tour is for you! A considerate tour guide will welcome you at the airport, answer all your questions and assist you with the hotel accommodation. If there is a day when you are not too busy and can spare a couple of hours, you will be given a driving tour of the most beautiful sights of the city and also guided around the St. Peter and Paul Fortress – the birthplace of St. Petersburg. When the event you came for is over, the transfer from your hotel to the airport will be organized for you as well.