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Over the course of more than a thousand years, the history of Russia developed under the great influence of the Orthodox Christian religion. The Eastern Byzantine model of Christianity accepted by the country in the 10th century to a great extent determined the development of Russian culture, art and education, as well as the formation of a special “Russian mentality”. In spite of the 18th century secularization and the 20th century persecution of the Church, until now Christianity has continued to play a significant role in Russia’s social life.

If you are interested in the history and special features of the development of the Eastern (Orthodox) Christian Church? If you are a theology student, a priest or a parishioner of one of the Christian churches, then this section will be interesting for you.

Christian St. Petersburg

8 days/7 nights

During a week spent in St. Petersburg, you will be able to visit the most famous churches and monasteries of the city – both those functioning as museums and those open for believers. In the course of two workshops organized by highly professional tutors, you will master the basics of icon painting and the potter’s art. You will listen to four lectures concerning the most important Orthodox concepts and get acquainted with some social work of the Church while communicating with members of the hearing-impaired community. You will be able to talk to Orthodox, Catholic and Lutheran priests. In addition, you will have a general city tour and a visit to the museum of Russian Art and the Museum of the History of Religion. Consequently, you will be able to get to know Russian Christianity as completely as possible during such a short period of time.