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Dear guests!

We are glad to invite you to enjoy our new offer of the shore excursions in St. Petersburg.

These tours are especially composed for the cruise ship passengers. You can find here three days, two days, one day and half day tours both for private parties and for groups up to 48 people in English, German or Spanish (other languages are also possible on request).

The citizens of Russian Federation, Israel, Argentina, Cuba, Peru and some other countries (please check at your local Russian Consulate) don’t need VISA to be able to visit Russia. Other people need VISA. However the cruise ship passengers have a special privilege: they can spend time (up to three days) on the territory of Russian Federation without VISA, with so called “tour-ticket” that is included in all our tours. This special document allows cruise ship passengers to be in Russia without VISA, but ONLY if they are accompanied by a Russian tour guide. That means: with the tour ticket that we will issue for you, you can leave the ship and participate in our tours, but you can not be on your own in the city.

When you decide to book our tour, would you please provide us with your personal details, so that we would be able to issue your tour ticket.

The information we need to have as early as possible is the following:
  • Your full name as it is stated in your international passport;
  • Date of birth;
  • Nationality;
  • Passport number;
  • When your passport was issued and when it expires.

Please also send us the copy or the scan of the main page of your passport per email or fax.

We will issue your personal tour ticket and send it to you by email. You will need to print it out and have it with you in your trip for passing the Russian Immigration Control.

On the first day of your ship’s arrival to St. Petersburg, it can take you quite a long time to disembark and go through the Customs. Please be prepared: you need to get up early and try to be among the first to leave the ship. Otherwise you can spend too much time in the line and be late for the tour.

To pass the Immigration Control you’ll need to have your personal tour ticket, your valid international passport and the immigration card (which you will get on your ship or in the arrival terminal in St. Petersburg).

Your guide will wait for you in the arrival terminal with the “Ekaterina-Voyage” sign half an hour before the arranged beginning of the tour. Please find him/her among other guides standing there. Your car/bus will wait for you there as well.

Generally a full day tour lasts for 8-10 hours (including the lunch), a half day tour – 4 hours. However we will adjust the program in accordance with your ship’s arrival and departure. It is also possible for you to buy an additional hour, or hours, on the spot, if it is necessary.

1 - 5 persons

44 € per group

6 - 19 people

47 € per group

20 - 35 people

68 € per group

36 - 48 people

73 € per group

In this case you will need to pay this extra time to your guide in cash.

The group itinerary is fixed, ones you buy the tour, you agree to follow the program. If you want to feel more relaxed, you can buy a private tour (for private parties up to 10 people), which itinerary is more flexible.


We wish you have the most outstanding tours together with

Tour Company “Ekaterina-Voyage”!