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Package tour EN-1.3.

St. Petersburg and Moscow – two capitals of Russia

10 days/9 nights

High Season (01.05.2013-30.09.2013)

1st day

  • Arrival in St. Petersburg. Welcome reception at the airport/railway/bus station.
  • Transfer to the hotel accompanied by a qualified English-speaking guide.
  • Hotel check-in.
  • Spare time in the city.

2nd day St. Petersburg

  • Breakfast in the hotel.

  • City tour. Drive along the Neva Embankment, passing the Bronze Horseman, the Academy of Arts and St. Petersburg State University, around the Theatre Square (Mariinsky “Kirov” Opera and Ballet House) and Ostrovsky Square (Alexander Theatre). Photo-stops on the Spit of Basil Island, in St. Isaac’s Square, by the battle-ship “Aurora”, near the Smolny Institute and St Nickolas Naval Cathedral.

  • St. Peter and Paul Fortress – the birthplace of St, Petersburg. A walk around the grounds, a visit to St. Peter and Paul Cathedral – the burial place of Russian Tsars and Tsarinas. A visit to a former imperial political prison is also available, if desired.

  • Lunch.

  • Walk along the Nevsky Avenue. Visit to the functioning Russian Orthodox church - the Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan, and the functioning Roman Catholic church of St. Catherine. The Square of Arts: Michael Theater, Russian Museum, the monument to the Great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin.

  • Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood. The interior of the church is completely covered with mosaics. It was built as a memorial to the Russian Emperor Alexander II on the very spot where he was mortally wounded by a terrorist.

  • Walk around the Michael Garden, on the Field of Mars (the eternal flame in the memory of all the Second World War casualties). The Engineering (St. Michael) Castle - the former private residence of Russian Tsar Paul I, where he lived for just 40 days before he was assassinated during the coup d’état(exterior only).

  • St. Isaac’s Cathedral – the fourth tallest cupola construction in the world, and formerly the main Russian Orthodox church of the country.

  • Return to the hotel.

3rd day St. Petersburg

  • Breakfast in the hotel.

  • Imperial summer residence “Tsar Village”. Visit to the Catherine Palace known worldwide for its unique Ember room. A walk around the park.

  • “Tsar Village”. The Alexander Palace – it was named after its first owner Russian Tsar Alexander I (first quarter of the 19th century), but is famous for being the private residence of the last Russian Emperor Nickolas II and his family.

  • Lunch.

  • Imperial summer residence “Pavlovsk”. It used to belong to the Russian Emperor Paul I, the son of Catherine II (the end of the 18th century). Visit to the palace, walk around the park.

  • Return to the city. Spare time.

  • Ballet performance.

4th day St. Petersburg

  • Breakfast in the hotel.

  • State Hermitage Museum – one of the best art collections in the world. The Gala-rooms of the Winter Palace, the Italian Renaissance, Dutch, Flemish and Spanish old masters (Rembrandt, Rubens, Van Dyke, El Greco etc), and the French Impressionists collections.

  • Palace Square – the main square of the city. The wonderful view of the Winter Palace. The Alexander Column – the monument to the victory of Russia over Napoleon. The General Staff building with the Chariot of Glory over its arch.

  • Lunch.

  • “Peterhof” – the former summer residence of Russian Emperors, famous for its magnificent fountains. Walk in the Upper and Lower Gardens, inside visit to two small palaces on its territory.

  • Return to the hotel.

5th day St. Petersburg - Moscow

  • Breakfast in the hotel.

  • Check-out of the hotel.

  • Yusupov Palace. It used to belong to one of the wealthiest and most powerful noble families of Russia – the Yusupovs - before the October Revolution in 1917. Visit to the grand halls, private rooms, the exhibition rooms dedicated to the murder of Gregory Rasputin – one of the darkest and most mysterious figures of the first half of the XX century. The palace is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

  • Departure to Moscow by the express train.

  • Arrival in Moscow.

  • Hotel check-in.

  • Spare time in the city.

6th day Moscow

  • Breakfast in the hotel.

  • City tour. Drive by the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the monument to Peter I, Moscow State University, the Hill of Respectful Salutation, the Sparrow Hills, along Old and New Arbat and Tverskaja streets, to the Theater and Pushkin squares and the Boulevard Ring. The view of Kremlin from the Sifiyskaya Embankment and the New Maiden Nunnery panorama. Numerous photo-stops.

  • Free time in Red Square. The famous “GUM” department store is located here.

  • St. Basil’s Cathedral (the Cathedral of the Protection of Most Holy Virgin Mary on the Moat) – the Orthodox Church commissioned by Russian Tsar Ivan IV (Ivan the Terrible) in the 14th century. The church is the symbol of Moscow. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

  • Lunch.

  • Moscow underground railway.

  • Tretyakov gallery – the art museum founded in the 19th century by Russian merchant Paul Tretyakov, housing one of the best collections of Russian art in the world.

  • Return to the hotel.

7th day Moscow

  • Breakfast in the hotel.

  • Moscow Kremlin. The Armory – the treasury museum, part of the Grand Kremlin Palace complex. Royal regalia, gowns and thrones, gold and silver items created by Russian and European jewelry masters including the renowned Faberge Easter eggs, court gala carriages, knightly armor.

  • Moscow Kremlin. The Cathedral Square. Visit to the Assumption, Archangel’s and Holy Annunciation Cathedrals. The Tsar Cannon. The Tsar Bell.

  • Alexander garden. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

  • Lunch.

  • Return to the hotel.

  • Circus performance.

8th day Moscow

  • Breakfast in the hotel.

  • New Maiden Nunnery – this working convent was founded in the 17th century, it is famous for its sacred relics as well as for being the place of exile for girls of noble origin.

  • New Maiden Cemetery – the burial place of many outstanding Russian and Soviet politicians, Second World War heroes, musicians, authors and actors.

  • Lunch.

  • Central Armed Forces Museum. Its exposition has everything connected with a war. There are about 8.000.000 items on display and in the funds of the museum. These are the Colours and captured enemy banners, documents, photos, guns, personal things of famous military officers. In the museum yard one can see tanks, helicopters, war-crafts and other combat equipment, all together 150 pieces.

  • Return to the hotel

9th day Moscow

  • Breakfast in the hotel.

  • Departure to Sergiev Posad.

  • Holy Trinity St. Sergius Monastery (Lavra) – “Russian Vatican”, the largest monastery in Russia, founded in the 14th century by Great Russian saint Sergius of Radonezh.

  • Lunch in Sergiyev Posad.

  • Return to Moscow.

10th day Moscow

  • Breakfast in the hotel.
  • Check-out of the hotel.
  • Free time in the city.
  • Airport/railway station transfer.

Off Season (01.10.2013-01.05.2014)

The Off Season program is almost the same as the High Season one. Different are the programs of the 3rd, the 4th and the 9th days.

3rd day St. Petersburg

  • Breakfast in the hotel.
  • Tzar Village”. The Catherine palace and the Ember room.
  • Lunch.
  • Russian museum – the collection of Russian art starting with 12th century icons and finishing with 20th century abstract works.
  • Return to the hotel.

4thday St. Petersburg

  • Breakfast in the hotel.
  • State Hermitage museum.
  • Return to the hotel (if desired).
  • Spare time in the city.
  • Ballet performance.

9th day Moscow

  • Breakfast in the hotel.

  • Cathedral of Christ the Savior (a functioning church) – the church was rebuilt in the 1990s. The original cathedral on this site had been designed by the best Russian architects and artists of the late 19th century, but it was destroyed in 1931 and, for 35 years, a swimming pool had operated there.

  • The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts – one of the largest Russian museums of foreign art items from ancient times until the modern era. There is a vast collection of full sized copies of famous antique, medieval and Renaissance masterpieces as well as a number of original works in the museum.

  • Return to the hotel (if desired). Spare time in the city.

    The price list. Group rates »

    The price list. Private parties »

    The price of the tour includes:

  • Welcome reception at the airport in St. Petersburg and railway station in Moscow.

  • Transfer from the airport/railway station to the hotel and back accompanied by a qualified English-speaking guide.

  • Assistance by the hotel accommodation.

  • Four nights in St. Petersburg and five nights in Moscow in the hotels 3*, 4* or 5* (prices according to the category of the hotel).

  • Nine breakfasts in the hotel.

  • Special excursions for children (the services of a qualified guide and air conditioned tour bus) according to the program.

  • Entrance tickets to all the museums of St. Petersburg and Moscow in accordance with the program.

  • Organized tours in all the museums led either by your guide or by the museum guide with your guide’s interpretation.

  • Eight lunches in the city.

  • Radio-equipment (microphone and transmitters for the guide and earphones and receivers for tourists) that must be used inside all the museums by groups bigger than 7.

  • St. Petersburg – Moscow express train ticket.

  • Ballet performance in one of St. Petersburg’s opera and ballet houses (depending on the program available).

  • Circus performance in the famous Moscow Circus named after the outstanding Russian actor Yury Nikulin.

  • All local Russian Taxes.

    The price of the tour DOES NOT includes:

  • Plane/ railway tickets outside of Russia (can be booked on request).

  • Russian visa (on request we can send you the official invitation for visa (“visa support”), then you will need to apply for visa at the local Russian Consulate with this document).

  • Personal insurances (can be processed on request).

  • Dinners (can be organized for extra charge). 

  • Photo and/or video permits that are required in some museums (they can be booked, on request, or purchased in cash at the door).

  • Gratitudes to the guide (10% suggested) and the driver (5% suggested), to be given separately in cash (Euro, Rub or USD).


  • NB1. Unless it’s specified in another way, the duration of a half-day tour is 4 hours; the duration of a whole day tour is 9 hours including lunch.

    NB2. Children and students have a discount regardless the category of the hotel:

    Children 0-24 months

    Free of charge


    Children 2-11 years old



    School children (12+ years old) and students




    NB3. All the prices are calculated for double room standard in the hotel of the corresponding category during the Season (16.04 – 14.05, 16.07 – 30.09). For single rooms and Top/Low Season price corrections see the small attached tables.

    NB4. If the amount of people in a group is an uneven number, the price per person is the same as the one in a group of a previous even number (for example, the price per person in a group of twenty-five people is the same as the price per person in a group of twenty-four people). See the tables). However in this case at least one of the travelers needs to pay extra for a single room. This doesn’t concern children younger than 12 – they can stay on the additional bed in the same room with their parents without any extra charge.

    NB5. Lunch menu. We offer you lunches in different economy- and business-class restaurants of Saint-Petersburg and Moscow. A lunch is the same for all members of the group. It includes a salad and/or a soup, a main dish and a desert. Mineral water, bread, tea or coffee is also included in the menu. We offer you dishes of Russian and European cuisine. If you are allergic to some kind of food, if you are a vegetarian, if you keep a fast or a diet, please inform us about that in details beforehand and we will organize your meals in the way to make you feel comfortable. A lunch lasts for about one hour. An order of not preliminary discussed extra dishes and drinks is to be paid in cash at the place.

You can view all the general information concerning the tours here. If you do not manage to find an answer to your question, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or by e-mail. We will be glad to respond to you personally.

The price list. Group rates »

The price list. Private parties »

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